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About Us

Bringing back the essence of an era to connect you with the world of fine fragrances. We believe that a good fragrance is an expression of style that elevates a vibe and expresses who we are. CLEYO perfumes are more than just a fragrance; it begins with their aroma and ends with a plethora of memories and experiences. Our scents hold their allure, which lets you create your own fragrance journey, and it has the power to evoke treasured memories and conjure up a range of emotions.

CLEYO is a brand created from a childhood dream of Himanshu Sondhi. His passion and love for unique fragrances allowed him to turn his dream into reality. With the vision to introduce distinct classic scents to the world and the support of his family, he decided to launch his own signature line of perfumes. β€œ I believe every fragrance has its own allure or magic; it’s a distinct form of communication, and I’m excited to be a storyteller of CLEYO, said Himanshu Sondhi.”

With a rich set of authentic ingredients, we have curated our range for both men and women and decided to come up with classic scents for everlasting elegance for those singular personalities who rise above the ordinary.